Some Basics of Training Your Puppy – Housebreaking, Sit, Stay, Lay Down

Marley is a 2 year old Golden Retriever. She is very easy to train as a result of amount of love that her family shows her. Marley, like all other dog, will do everything to please her family, which is, people that love her.

Marley’s training started before she went in the house when she arrived home. It would have been a housebreaking lesson. She was kept outside until she attended the restroom. It took a little while plus a little patience from her owner because Marley was obviously a little scared with the new surroundings. She was sniffing around looking to get a feel for your place, but she finally did what she had to do and was heavily praised. All this effort was worthwhile given it showed Marley where she was in a position to go. When she was finally taken in the house, she was watched closely and whenever she started sniffing around she was taken outside again. When she went where she was designed to leave the house, she was praised.

When the time had come for bed, Marley was include a crate next to her owners bed. The crate seemed to be used when there wasn’t anyone around to watch her. You see, the less accidents she had in the home, the quicker she got the notion that she had to go to the lavatory outside, so vigilance by the family was important. Marley was taken outside just before they attended bed so when soon because they woke up each day.

When your family left home, if Marley couldn’t go along with them, she was again taken outside to attend the toilet and place in her crate and as soon as they returned home, she was taken outside again.

All this took a few days, and of course, there have been several accidents, nevertheless it didn’t take Marley long to understand if she went along to the threshold she would be let outside to take care of her business.

Teaching Marley to sit down was her second lesson. Her owner would lay on the ground and enjoy her. She was taught to take a seat by holding a toy above her head. She would sit down so she help keep the toy within sight while her owner will give her the command to sit down. She would also tell her to sit while she would gently push on her behalf hind quarters. When she obeyed the command she would be praised. She learned the sit command rapidly.

Her third lesson was to lie down. Again, while messing around with Marley on the floor, her owner would tell her to lie down and gently pull her front legs out and push her front end down. With consistent commands and lavish praise when Marley obeyed the command, she learned in a short time what was expected of her.

With these lessons learned, Marley has turned into a well trained dog and is a joy to have around.